Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Woes of a Whiny Canine

We have a little dog... he's a Jack Russell/Shih Tzu mix, and we affectionately call him a "Jack Shiht".

And boy, can he jump! (See how I worked the theme in there?)

Well, he can jump, which is not to say that he does, because I have to say, the Shih Tzu blood keeps him rather inert, unless he's chasing the cat. (Don't worry about the cat, if you're considering doing such a thing... he probably weighs as much as the dog, and they are the best of friends. The cat is a ninja, so if anything, worry about the dog.)

Anyway, this little dog gets really scruffy, partly because he is white, and partly because he is a dog, which is to say, rather disgusting. So today, I had to bathe him.

He hates baths, with a deep and abiding loathing. He will not walk into the bathroom, instead lying as though dead, on the floor, until I pick him up and carry him.

Today, I was using the special flea soap that requires a 5 minute rest time, with soap on dog. Just as I applied it, the phone rang, so I walked out of the room, whereupon the cat walked into the bathroom.

The dog let loose with the most pitiful, moaning, whining carrying on you have ever heard, solely for the cat's benefit.

The cat just stood there and listened. If I'm reading it all correctly, he provided a rather sympathetic ear.

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