Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday Thirteen: Packing Edition

Thirteen things we found, while packing to move:

  1. Small One's pacifier. Interestingly, she has been trying to figure out how to reincorporate it into her life, ever since I unearthed it. She knows it's for babies, but she's determined to find some use for it. It doesn't really work for her dolls, and I declined to give it to any babies we know, but I am happy to report that it makes a pretty good cowboy hat for a small plastic dog.
  2. My passport. From when I was fifteen. Good stuff.
  3. The electric bill we were supposed to pay two years ago. Oopsie! Well, rest assured, it's handled now.
  4. 753 lids to nothing. Ok, so that may be an exaggeration, because I didn't count them. And I know, I know, they go to something, I just don't know what. But it's all good, because I packed them.
  5. A hilarious book entitled "Weekend News", that MC wrote when she was in second grade. These entries have some of the most unintentionally funny spelling in the world, and may need to make an appearance in a future post. For now, I will just say "it wos the bets!".
  6. One zillion hippo balls. In other words, Hungry Hungry Hippos got packed, but most of the balls were left behind. They now reside in my jewelry box, until we get to the new place. 
  7. One frillion plastic cherries. See above, but substitute "Hi Ho Cherry O" for the hippo game.
  8. My linens. Seriously. When we moved into this house, we made a decision not to unpack everything, because we knew we wouldn't be here permanently. We probably should have stored things in a storage unit, but we decided against it, opting to give up having a garage in favor of storing boxes. I didn't remember, until a couple of days ago, that we opened a box of linens and, finding the linen closet to be entirely too small to be of much use, left two thirds of the linens in the box. I am delighted to report that I have more sheets for my bed than I'd previously suspected. 
  9. A triangle. Thank goodness! Now I can work on my Martin Short/Ed Grimley impression. 
  10. Roughly one thousand blank note cards. Many different styles and patterns, all found just after I bought MC a bunch of note cards, whose envelopes we quickly addressed, thus negating any chance of returning them. 
  11. My wedding ring... from my first marriage. Must be honest, I had no idea that was even lost. I honestly thought it was in my jewelry box, waiting for some time when MC might want it. Turns out, that time is now, and it fits quite nicely on her pinky finger. Because I was an infant when I wore it. But that's another story.
  12. Shoes, in the perfect style and size for Small to wear to kindergarten in the fall. Callooh! Callay!This is a tremendous bonus, because it means I don't have to shoe shop. (But if I'm being honest, I probably still will.)
  13. The door to the hall closet! Hooray! I can't even tell you how relieved we are about that one. When we first moved in, we made the decision to remove the closet door and hang a curtain instead, because we were keeping the cat box in the closet. A few days ago, we realized the door was not in the garage, and began a frantic search for it, pondering all the while how we could possibly have lost something as large as a door, for crying out loud! As it turns out, it was in the attic... a fact the Man only discovered on his third trip up there. This was, hands down, the best find of the week.

Tell me about you! How often do you tend to move? Have you ever found anything unexpected during the process? Have you ever found anything you'd mourned as lost forever?

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