Monday, June 25, 2012

Stage Fright and other Panic Attacks

I used to do a bunch of theater, and I noticed that the people I worked with would often get stage fright, before we went on. I never had that problem. I never had to deal with stage fright... until I was in the middle of a performance. Then I could absolutely depend on the fact that at some point, deep in the middle of what I was doing, I would become convinced that I was going to throw up and pass out, on stage. Never failed.

The same is true for gigantic tasks in my life, like, say, labor... or moving. I am absolutely calm and cool as a cucumber, until I am absolutely NOT. This is the week of the move, the clock is running down, and I have to admit, I am battling a serious panic attack all of a sudden. Everywhere I look, it seems like chaos, and it also seems like my little family is unaware of the fact that one week from now we will be living somewhere else.

My mom and my sister have pledged help, and that's really wonderful of them. I'm lacking perspective, though, and that's what concerns me. I can see a million things that must be done, right now, but I'm having trouble breaking it into steps. Plus, I'm really tired, and I actually just want to go to the pool. (Probably shouldn't admit that last part!)

Think of me this week, and say a little prayer, because it is the Mama's job to keep everyone calm and on task, and right now, I am wondering if I'm up to the challenge. I can do this, right? Deep breaths.

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