Sunday, June 10, 2012

Party Foul Sunday

Last night was my MC's graduation party. Somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty people gathered in our home, to celebrate my girl's accomplishments. The food turned out well, the company was delightful, MC herself was charming, the children were all well-behaved, gifts were plentiful, and there was a brand new baby to snuggle. All in all, a roaring success, except...

At least a half dozen professional or hobbyist photographers in the house, and not one single picture. How did I neglect to think about/ delegate that task?!? Major mom blunder.

Anyway, I think everyone had fun, and I hope MC realizes how very much she is, and always has been, loved.

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Harriet said...

OH, NOOOOOO ! No pics? How could so many photographers let that happen? ... just goes to show that they were having a WONDERFUL time partying and celebrating with you.