Saturday, June 30, 2012

magic moving moments

During every move, a pivotal moment is reached. You know the one I mean, where you swear never to go through this again, and you lament not leaving the place fully furnished and buying new stuff at your new house? I absolutely reached that point today, moving angst made worse by a pulled back, and to top it off, the Man left our moving van, which seemed way too small for the Herculean task of holding our belongings, to go across the street to help a neighbor!   (grumble grumble)

Lo and behold! A couple of hours later the neighbor and her friend came back to help us! Even better, her friend is like a moving van genius, some sort of miracle worker in the game of moving Tetris.

Lesson learned, and thank you, God, for a husband with such a generous spirit.

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Rhea said...

Amy, you need to start posting daily for NaBloPoMo! I'll help motivate you! Do it, do it, do it!!