Saturday, June 2, 2012

How's this for a jump?

Today, we committed to renting a house, at the top end of our rental budget, without ever having seen it in person.

This weekend, we decide whether we're willing to make that lease 2 years long. If it's as fabulous as it looks online, that's no problem. If not, though, that's one heck of a leap.

Isn't it a funny world we live in today? Twenty years ago, it would have seemed like science fiction to be able to tap in some requirements on a computer and be shown photos of a house that meets them, then to apply for the same house by tapping some more keys, and to be granted the right to live in the house, without ever speaking to another human about it, or setting foot on the property.

Of course, there's more to our average American sci-fi lifestyle, too, isn't there? I, personally, work online, bank online, chat online with friends I've never met in "real" life, shop for my Small One's clothing online, and much more. And yet, when I was a teenager, "online" was not a term that would have meant anything to me at all. How quickly everything has changed, and how rapidly the change continues. How the world will function by the time my Small is an adult is beyond my imagination.

The house looks wonderful, though, and I truly hope it is, as we jump into the next chapter of our adventure.

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