Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dinotime, continued...

The Man and I were interested in the walk through Dinosaur World. There are signs beside every dinosaur grouping, telling visitors some interesting facts about the creatures, all of which I read with a healthy amount of skepticism, because, really, how do we know? Anyway, scientists are always finding out they were wrong about some dino-fact or another, so I am especially dubious of the ones of which they say they've only found one example. Hmm...I'm not convinced.

But, it was fun. Small told us that her favorite was the T-Rex...

But I was more intrigued by the ones that were unfamiliar to me, like the Liliensternus, seen here lurking behind our Small One.

As I mentioned, the Man and I were interested in reading all the information. Small was not. She only wanted to know one thing about each dinosaur: is it a meat eater, or not? For plant eaters...

...she lingered, and cooed at the dinosaur babies. 
For meat eaters... 

...she ran off, yelling at us over her shoulder to hurry and join her, lest we be devoured.

She was briefly chased by a Humanosaurus, whose head seemed to be glowing...

...but her primary interest seemed to be reading the map. She read it all over the park, whether relaxing with a mammoth friend,

gazing, with her dad, out over the valley of the dinosaurs,

or perched by some dinotoes.

These particular toes belonged to a fanciful creature the Dinosaur World folks call "Photosaurus". He can be seen from the highway, and he's pretty impressive looking.  

It was fun but tiring, and by the end of it, we were ready for a nap.

Or maybe some time to dinochill, perhaps in front of an airbrushed prehistoric mural.

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