Friday, June 15, 2012

Conquering the Kitchen

Moving is a stressful time, to say the least, and one of the most stressful parts of it, in my opinion, is packing the kitchen. My current quest is to pack our kitchen, and I'm hoping to have it done in the next day or so, but I'm not entirely sure it's possible. I have some questions.

Before we moved last time, I made sure to sort all the plastic containers, and discard the ones without lids. That was only a little under 2 years ago, so how is it that we now have a weird assortment of containers and lids, some of which go together, while others... not so much. How is it possible that we brought with us matching sets, threw none of them away, and yet do not now have them?

And further, what are all the little doodads and whatsits crowding my kitchen drawers? You know what I'm talking about, those little plastic or rubber thingies that have no discernible function, yet become vitally important the instant they are thrown away. I know better now than to lose even a single one of these items, but how do I label them?

Finally, how is it that I have three plastic butter dishes? Where do those even come from? I don't purchase them, and I was actually unaware we owned one, and yet, suddenly, as I'm packing, there are three. How did that happen?

Anyway, I got the oven cleaned today, and packed another kitchen box. I have one entire cabinet emptied, and have packed up most of our lesser used small appliances. (I have a bit of a small appliance addiction, but that's a subject for another post.) I think I have time today to get quite a bit more done, so with any luck, by late afternoon I will be closing in on the end of the kitchen packing.

Of course, I will have to allow for some pool time, since the high is supposed to be in the 90s, and we only have two more weeks to live next door to a pool. So, you know, I can't be productive all the time.

How about you, readers? How do you feel about moving? What's your least favorite moving chore? And more importantly, do you know where I can find more boxes?

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Harriet said...

Oh, how Wesley and I identify with this! We are not moving, but we are "packing up" our kitchen, trying to reorganize our plastic ware, utensils, etc. We likewise are finding tons of things without matching lids, and also lots of lids without containers. Small appliances are not quite as much a problem for us as mixing bowls and colanders of various sizes.

AND -- I remember your last move. It was then that I was introduced to Freecycle ... not sure whether to praise you or curse you for that one, Amy!

Best of luck with the remaining tasks, my dear friend.

P.S. - High here today is supposed to be only 83 or 84. Eat your heart out!