Saturday, June 23, 2012

Adventure Weekend

Last night, the Man and I had a date night, which means we dropped Small off at a play place, so we could go out to dinner and do a little bit of  shopping. This may not seem like much of an adventure, except that we tried a new restaurant, a Thai place, that was a little strange. Aside from the super aggressive pre-bussing, which involved a young Asian girl continually popping up beside our table to ask us if we were finished with plates as we were putting the final bites off those plates into our mouths, the restaurant was pretty good. However, we ordered Massaman Curry, which is an old favorite of ours, and is typically a sort of saucy dish, with coconut milk, cardamom, cinnamon, cashews, and potatoes, which are generally cut into cubes. This time, it was really different. The potatoes were pretty much French fries, there were no nuts, not much sauce, and the whole thing was wrapped in... a pancake. What?

I said, "I've never known this dish to be crepe or pancake related."
The Man replied, "I guess we're not in Thai Kansas any more."

So anyway...

Today was adventure weekend, day 2, and we surprised Small One with a trip to Dinosaur World. In case you are unaware of its existence, Dinosaur World is a strange attraction, with locations in three states. Part pretend zoo, part educational exhibit, part tourist attraction, it is goofy, campy, equal parts hilarious and educational, a little surreal. Visitors start out at a gift shop, proceed to a "museum" that primarily contains artifacts like dinosaur teeth and mammoth tusk parts, and then watch a "movie" on a not particularly large television, in what the proprietors call "movie cave"... basically, a small outbuilding.

Kids can participate in a "fossil dig":

Visitors can pose inside a dinosaur head, where some choose to look as though they need help...
 while others choose to maintain a cheerful disposition and positive attitude.

But of course, the main attraction is the dinosaurs, which are scattered along a half mile trail. Some are sort of, almost, realistic looking...

while some are bizarrely comical.

What is this, anyway? An alienosaurus? A moviemonsterdon?

There's more to tell, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow, because tomorrow's adventure involves church at 8am. Yawn.

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