Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thursday Thirteen: Thanksgiving Edition

I have a great family, a strong marriage, a nice house, fabulous friends, good health, and a fun job. These are things that I thank God for continually, and they are things for which I am truly grateful. However, this Thanksgiving I thought I'd go a different way, and talk about the little things that put the icing on my cake. And so, without further ado...

Thirteen things for which I'm Thankful, Aside from the Obvious:
(In no particular order)
  1. My cat's belly, and the fact that he allows me to touch it. This may seem silly to you, if you are not a cat owner, but for those of us with felines in our lives, the belly is one of the more scrumptious things about a cat. If you knew my last cat, you will understand my undying gratitude for a kitty who allows the belly to be touched, because the last one would have taken my arm off.
  2. DVR. I cannot stress this one enough. Before this year, I never had the pleasure of recorded television, and now I watch nothing else. Fast forwarding through boring parts and commercials? Priceless. 
  3. A husband who likes to have breakfast with the five year old. This is amazing, in that it allows me the time I need in the morning to drink coffee and think, before I have to start the day. A big tip of the hat to the Man for that one.
  4. The fact that the same Man who does breakfast also enjoys bedtime. Can I even begin to fully express my gratitude for the child free moments that bookend my day? I think not. As much as I adore that little chatterbox, by bedtime I have lost patience, and am eternally in the debt of the man who still has some at that time. 
  5. Canned pumpkin. No, really, I'm serious. Do you know how icky pumpkins are? All those seeds and strings- gross! And then, if I'm understanding the process correctly. I'd have to somehow cook the pumpkin and puree it into just the right texture... um, no thanks. Thank you, Libby's, for canning the pumpkin for us. And thank you, grocery store, for making a cheaper generic. And thank you again, Libby's, for putting your pumpkin pie recipe online so I can buy the generic and still make the good pie.  
  6. Yeast. While I'm in a culinary frame of mind, I can't help but think about yeast.How did the first person who used yeast figure that out? Genius! Thanks, yeast discoverer. I thank you, and my bread thanks you.
  7. Coffee. I know I'm stuck on the food category, but this is another stroke of genius, and another thing that I think... what the heck? How did someone think to grind up bitter tasting beans, and run hot water over them? What sort of crazy madness inspires someone to think of that? Again, a big fat thank you to whomever it was that made the thing that makes mornings possible for me.
  8. My small appliances. One more, before leaving the kitchen. Oh, crock pot, how I love you. How many nights you've saved my family from starvation, when mom had no time to do anything other than throw something into your gleaming pot and move on with her life. And Kitchen Aid stand mixer, don't think I've forgotten about you. I was initially resistant to your charms, but you won me over by practically baking everything all by yourself. I could go on, but I'll bid my lovely kitchen adieu, throwing just one more smooch, to my electric griddle, which we have used every day since I received it for my birthday.
  9. Cars. This may be too obvious, but then again, I was thinking the other day about how much we take cars for granted. There were many years when I did not own a car, and had to take scary public transportation, or walk everywhere and while I was admittedly thinner, I truly enjoy my current ability to go anywhere I want, any time I want, in an atmosphere in which no one ever pulls a knife. (Yet. Knock wood.)
  10. My computer. Another big thing that we all take for granted these days. Well, ok, maybe not everybody, but I bet if you are reading this blog, you rely on your computer, at least somewhat. For me, it's how I work, look everything up, communicate, and play Words with Friends. (Have I mentioned how vital that is to my work process?) Also, if I didn't have my computer, I'd have never met...
  11. My imaginary friends. No, they're not really imaginary, that's just what we sometimes call each other. I'm connected with an online mom's group that is truly wonderful, and if I'd been born fifty years earlier, I'd never have met them. How fantastic is it that we, in this day and age, can form real friendships, and have daily communication, with people who live on the other side of the planet?
  12. The weather. I know that sounds weird, but think about it. I totally love sunny days, especially this time of year, because I can take a walk, or watch my Small One play outside. I also love rainy days, because they're great for napping and my husband gets the day off. I like snowy days, because they're an anomaly. I like windy days, especially at the beach, because I like it when it's wild outside. I probably wouldn't like a blizzard, but I haven't really had to deal with one. I guess I should amend that, and say I'm grateful to live in the South, where the weather is really pretty delightful, most of the time.
  13. Online shopping, and especially eBay. I'm deeply grateful to whoever made it possible for me to shop in my pjs. This is the greatest thing ever for someone who hates the malls on a good day, and feels panicked by them during the holiday season. Also, pre-eBay, I had to go to consignment stores and sift through a jillion crappy things in order to find gorgeous kids' clothes that I would never be able to afford new, and now all I have to do is create a search. Unbelievably amazing.

Of course, I'm also deeply grateful for all sorts of wonderful things, much larger and more significant than these, because I'm an extremely blessed person. This Thanksgiving, I wish for all my readers a holiday in which to reflect on all the blessings, large and small. Happy Thanksgiving!

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