Thursday, November 3, 2011

Road to the Whitehouse... 2044?

Small One is pretty ambitious, and likes to make plans. For about a year now, she has been telling anyone who will listen that when she grows up, she is going to write books and make movies. Specifically, she will be "a guy who writes books and makes movies". (Guy being a completely genderless, favorite word of hers,  indicating a person.)

She's a little bit impatient about not being in the movies or on television yet, and she questions me about that quite a bit. Clearly, her lack of involvement in the entertainment industry is my parental failing. She is also concerned that those of us who know her now may not be savvy enough to determine which books and movies are her creations, and so we might miss something. We've all assured her that we will stay in touch with her, so that she can keep us abreast of her projects.

Over the summer, she learned to swim, and decided that she will also be a lifeguard. This is something she will do when she's a teenager, though, and not an adult. She's still planning on the books and movies track for adulthood.

Except... she may also want to be president. She's torn on this one, because she is not quite sure of how involved American presidents are in wars, and she absolutely does not want to be a soldier and go off to war. We told her that it is not necessary to be a soldier in order to become president, but that she will have to make good choices, and do well in school.

This is no problem, she assured us, saying "I'm always good in school! I never put my blanket in my mouth, like some of my friends do."

Well, ok! How very presidential! I know that is the first thing I ask about any candidate. Forget the economy, what is his or her stance on blankets in the mouth?

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