Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Quote of the Day Tuesday

Do you ever stumble across a quotation that makes you laugh out loud, purely from recognition of an inherent truth?

I don't really talk about my divorce, because it was a long time ago, (separated 16 years ago, divorce finalized 14 years ago), and because we have two children together, and because we try to maintain a friendly working relationship, which would not benefit from the opening of old wounds and stirring up of old dust. But something I read today flashed me back, and seemed really true. Knowing others who are going through messy divorces at the moment, I thought I'd share.

Late to jump on almost every bandwagon, I've just started reading Eat Pray Love. In the book, she quotes a friend of hers, describing the life experience of divorce as:

"having a really bad car accident every single day for about two years."

(Pretty sure my ex will laugh when he reads that, too.)

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