Friday, November 18, 2011

Procrastinating: Guest Blog Edition

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so I named my topic for today in yesterday's blog, but now that today is actually here, I'm not into it. Hey, I wrote after I came home from a road trip, immediately before I succumbed to an obnoxious headache! What more can you ask from me, readers?

Anyway, I'm not going to entirely cop out, I'm just not going to write it. Instead, I will leave you with this anecdote from my mom, which made me laugh really hard when she sent it to me in an email. So, with permission, and without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I give you, my mother:

"My story today would be to blow off at the laws of this state. I tried to buy Guinness Stout, along with some food, on my way home from church. Even though it has been very obvious for years that I am well over 21, and it adds insult to injury that my grandson is 21, I have to show a picture ID. UGH! So at checkout, they asked for my ID. I gave them my birth date and age as I was pulling out my wallet, but they insisted that a picture ID was required. 

Now you know I was pulled over last Saturday night for turning right on a red, and the policeman asked me to take my license out of my wallet and hand it to him, which I did! Today the license was not in its usual place. I took everything out of my purse, thinking I may have just put it into a slot and it had fallen into the bottom. Then I looked in every crevice of my wallet ~ all this with the line growing behind me, and the people glaring and whispering to each other. 

I finally told them to keep the beer, I didn't need it anyway, when I decided to look behind a card, and finally found the license... not before feeling humiliated and aggravated completely unnecessarily! At that point I had to pick up all the contents of my purse from the countertop before I could exit.  

It made me so angry for taking up my time and energy with such a stupid situation, that after I put my groceries into the car, I went back into the store and asked to speak to the manager. She stated that it is a state law for a picture ID to be shown with the purchase of any alcohol, and that they are checked regularly and penalized if they don't comply. I told her I spit on that state law and hope they can do something to change it, because it is a complete nuisance! 

I also complained about the addition of about a dozen new handicap places. Maybe they don't want other people to shop there. I thank God that I am not handicapped, but for heaven's sake! Way to make it difficult for anyone else, who maybe just needs a break today, to park and get in and out of the store quickly. Way to go Publix. You've been my favorite store. Is all that changing?"

I love my mom.

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