Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Life, with Sound Effects

We were recently lucky enough to have a day at Disney World. Yaay us! Also, yaay for my cousin, who works there and got us tickets.

In any event, we had a great time. One of my all time favorite Disney rides is Splash Mountain, wherein characters from Song of the South sing cheery songs while visitors ride in logs down a lazy river, that suddenly turns into rapids, at which point the logs go over the waterfall.

MC and I rode together, and unfortunately, the ride was malfunctioning. Not too terribly, but the logs kept slowing down and stopping, and a cheery voice would announce that Brer Bear and Brer Fox were causing trouble downstream, and so on. We started to get a little bit nervous, because the logs kept getting closer and closer together, as we neared the crucial "heading up to the falls point". I had a terrible mental image of all the logs creeping up the track to the top, then careening into a pile up at the bottom of the drop. Tick tick tick tick KaSMASHo!

Nothing happened, we didn't die or anything, and in fact, the ride ended up being pleasantly uneventful, in a nice roller coaster-y sort of way. But when I retold the story to the Man, he was wildly entertained by my sound effects, and suggested that the next morning's paper would have featured, as its headline, "KaSMASHo!"

Funny thing is, I actually heard a sound tonight that I can only describe in the same way. I'm visiting my cousin, and we attempted to make au gratin potatoes in the oven. Strangely enough, within 5 minutes of putting the oven-safe dish into the preheated oven, KaSMASHo!

Were you aware that this is the sound an oven-safe dish full of cheesy potatoes makes when it explodes over every inch of the oven?

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