Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween with the Creatures, part deux

Small One was the best five year old ever on Halloween. She had good manners trick or treating, looked adorable, and when she helped us hand out candy, she not only complimented each trick or treater's costume, but she also offered up her own haul, when we ran out of candy. Of course, as usual, she was also pretty quotable...

Designing a Jack o' Lantern: "I want the pumpkin to have a frowny mouth, angry eyes, and tears. He is so mad he's crying!"

Later, to a neighbor we do not know: "Did you see our Jack o' Lantern? He's got tears, and he's mad at his kid."

On zombies: "Zombies are the scariest monsters, I think. Because they look like guys that are hurt, but when you go over to them, to try and help them, they eat you."

Note: all she knows of zombies is that a little boy was dressed like one in the grocery store, and when she asked me what he was supposed to be, I said a zombie, which is a type of monster. Yet, strangely, she has a pretty firm grasp of the concept. Is zombie knowledge innate?

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