Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween with the Creatures, part 1

I hinted at an update, and I promise I'm going to start rewinding soon, but wanted to share some Halloween moments while they are still fresh.

First, I mentioned the pink poodle obsession... more on that later, but suffice it to say, when I asked what she wanted to be for Halloween, she looked at me like I was crazy. A pink poodle, of course! Duh.

MC was torn on her costume ideas. She had some really good sci-fi related thoughts, but I'm not going to share them here, for fear of retribution. She likes to hang onto her ideas. She finally decided that she'd be Alice in Wonderland, and the boyfriend would be the Mad Hatter. Have I mentioned the boyfriend? MC has quite a serious boyfriend these days. Like, talking about marriage, serious.

I should probably be more freaked out about that, but I'm not. He's an Eagle Scout, so... 

Anyway, they wanted to do  a couple's costume, so the hunt began for an Alice in Wonderland dress. This was a challenge, because she did not want "Sexy Alice", which is pretty much all they sell in adult sizes. My sister rose to the occasion and took her to a mack daddy costume shop, to no avail. I took her here and there, spent some time poring over pattern books... finally, we had two days left, and we determined to spend the whole day looking for the costume. Twelve hours of shopping for a blue dress. Twelve. By hour 10, we were about to pass out, and a kind and well-meaning saleslady mentioned that blue dresses are really hard to find. Oh, really? Thanks for letting us know!  By hour eleven, MC was grasping at anything blue she happened to see. 

I said "I feel like you'd take a blue sock if you saw one, and call it a costume."

She said "Yes! I would! I'd be Alice in Wondersock!"

We hit the fabric store again, and she found a pattern that alleged to be "very easy", but required darts and gathers. I began to hyperventilate at the idea of sewing darts and gathers when I had a 24 hour timeline. She saw the panic on my face and decided we should skip it.

At hour twelve, we found a blue dress. It did not, for the record, look like Alice in Wonderland, but it was blue. I went to look for accessories, and she called me on the phone to tell me that she'd discussed it with her boyfriend, and they'd decided to be wizards instead, which would involve her buying a sparkly shirt she wanted anyway, and making a construction paper hat. What it would not involve was me sewing anything. Best costume idea ever.


Sarah Gooding said...

Noooo! Rachel is still 10yrs old in my mind. No can get married! ;)

amy said...

Believe me, she's still about 10 minutes old in my mommy head, so...

But, you know, these things happen.