Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Photo Fun

I know, I know, I just posted a photo on Wednesday, and so it's cheating to have another photo blog so soon, but I promise, there are extenuating circumstances. I was working on this lovely piece about life changing moments and so forth, which I totally intend to post in the next day or two, when I took a break to cook a turkey.

Yes, it was Thanksgiving yesterday, but yesterday we ate at my mom's house, and today we have out of town company, so I did the whole shebang again. I'd had the turkey thawing in the fridge for almost a week, but when I pulled it out of its wrappings, there was still ice in the cavity! I put the bird into the sink and began rinsing out the inside with warm water, and stuck my hand in to break up the ice and retrieve the giblets. I pulled out the neck, no problem, but there were no giblets in there. Instead, I came back with this:

What in the heck is that thing? Part horror movie prop, part robot? (I'm assuming the horror movie isn't about robots, of course.) Seriously. Those things on the top are tubes, they look like broken off plastic straws. Anyone have a thought? What is it and why was it in my turkey?!?

1 comment:

Harriet said...

It looks like the turkey's "parson's nose" to me, with a few quills still attached. I think I've seen the tail in with the innards giblets a few times.