Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another Silly Kid Story

So really, if you're tired of silly kids stories, please skip this one. I had one started that was not about my funny Small person, but I didn't finish it, and I'm almost out of time. Anyway, this made me laugh today, and it's too long for a Facebook status, so I thought I'd share.

(Isn't that a very 2011 thing to say? I wonder how soon "Facebook status" will be a dated reference?)

Small One is tenderheaded. Now, I do not believe in tenderheaded children, truth be told. I prefer to call them "whiny", and I do not allow complaints about having hair brushed. However, Small likes to protest loudly, and while I used to threaten and cajole, I have now hit upon a solution that pleases us both, without my having to shave her head.

I play a preschool version of the adult "would you rather" game. Remember that one? Where you pick two improbably awful scenarios and have to choose the lesser evil? My game with Small is one I like to call "What would hurt worse than having your hair combed?"

It goes like this:

Small: Owwww!
Me: Do you suppose this hurts worse than having your arm bitten off by a shark?
Small: (considers for a minute) No, probably not.
Me: Which do you think would hurt worse- being punched in the nose or having your hair combed?
Small: Being punched in the nose, I think! (big grin)
Me: What else do you think may hurt worse than having your hair combed?
Small: Sitting on the sharp stem part of a pumpkin. (laughs uproariously)

That last line is not a for instance, by the way, it is always her answer. The first time, she demonstrated, with a stuffed rabbit sitting on a pumpkin and then flying off, yelling like a cartoon character. Whatever, it works. She hasn't whined about how much it hurts since we started the game.

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