Friday, September 2, 2011

Biofuels, Lifetime Movies, and whether my Blog is Socially Relevant (doubtful)

I was not going to blog tonight. I had absolutely no intention of it, and only popped on because I thought I might share some of the Sputnik posts with a friend who recently lost a hamster. However, when I failed to type the entire address into the browser's address bar, I stumbled upon something I found a little bit surprising.


Apparently, this is a site that monitors mentions of biofuels on the internet, and investigates the sites where they're mentioned. It is run by the University of Illinois, and it stumbled upon my blog, and noted that I mention biodiesel, and Lifetime Movie Network. The post in which it discovered these things is one from June of this year, entitled "Inner Dumb Guy", which contains the following passage:

I find that watching television helps me blog. No, really. Here's why: I have an inner dumb guy. While I'm sitting here, trying to concentrate on the merits of biodiesel, or what have you, my inner dumb guy is thinking about everything BUT blogging. Singing stupid songs in my brain, basically tugging on my mind's sleeve, demanding attention. Turning on the Lifetime Movie Network or a soap opera is like throwing my inner dumb guy a hush puppy, so I can turn my attention to more pressing business.

Now, obviously, this is not in anyway relevant to anyone with any interest in biofuels, though I suppose it could be considered a plug for the Lifetime Movie Network. The monitoring site, in addition to mentioning my Lifetime Movie Network connection, was quick to point out that no other blogs repost my blogs, nor are my posts tweeted, or in any other way acknowledged outside of my own little space here.

Thanks, University of Illinois, for pointing out my utter insignificance on the world wide web. I'm going to tweet about it right now. (No, really, I am.) And from here on out, I'm going to mention biodiesel every time I possibly can, in order to boost my virtual carbon footprint. Or something.

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