Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Zoom a Little Zoom in a Rocket Ship

Small One is in a question-intensive phase right now. My days are full of "whys", and each answer I give seems to only lead to more questions.

Ever since we moved, she asks a lot of questions about when we can go certain places or see certain people. She asks when we can go visit friends, when we can visit family in Florida, and when we can go camping. I wasn't prepared, though, for the question I got this afternoon.

"Mommy," she asked, "When can we go to the moon?"

Hmm... I tried to explain that we are not really going to the moon, because we don't have a rocket. She suggested we buy one, and paint the words "Rocket Ship" on the side. She changed her mind, though, when she learned that "Rocket Ship" contains no "L's". I suggested "Lunar Spaceship", and she thought that sounded better.

She's into labeling things, of late. We're about to take a week long vacation, and I bought her a hard-sided suitcase. It's really pretty cool. it looks like a ladybug, and the child can ride on it.

 It came with stickers to personalize it, and I thought she'd put her name on it, but she had a different idea. She did put her name, but followed it with an apostrophe, and the words "Suitcase Ride".

As a family friend pointed out, you don't get much more personalized than that.

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jejoba said...

THAT is just awesome! She has such an awesome personality!