Thursday, June 23, 2011

Running out of Steam

I swear, I feel like I've been running non-stop for a month. I guess I sort of have, traveling to Atlanta in the middle of May, to Chicago in early June, and Kentucky last weekend. In addition, I've had a teenaged boy for a houseguest for a week, so there's that.

Tomorrow, I'm off again, on another roadtrip, to take MC to her dad's house, and her boyfriend to his home. It will be a brief trip because, quite frankly, I'm exhausted. I may not be as young as I used to be.

Anyway, my lack of steam is pouring over into my blogging, and please do not think I'm not aware of it. I promise, very soon I'll have a really entertaining story about a close encounter with wildlife. In the meantime, maybe this dog video will tide you over.


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amy said...

Ps- that video is actually members of my family watching the "Kitten Party" dvd, while the dogs chase each other around the house. I'm the one holding the kitten, who is not enjoying the dog frolic.