Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gonna kick up Highway Dust

Yeah, if you're an Aristocrats fan (and really, if you've seen it, don't pretend you're not) you'll recognize the blog title as a line from Thomas O'Malley's song about wanderlust. I chose it because, well, that's me. I've got that wanderlust.

Now, anyone who knows me knows I'm a homebody, for sure. I like my routine, I like my community, and I like my life to stay put. But conversely, I absolutely love to travel. I am completely thrilled by new experiences, and foreign environments, and I will admit, I even like the road trip. I like seeing what's out there, whether it's the terrain, the shopping, or the food. I like staying in hotels. I like watching miles of countryside go by.

The Man and I are extremely compatible, but this is one area in which we are vastly different. He spends so much of his life inside his own head, he doesn't really understand my need to leave home and see new things. He likes the occasional adventure, but mostly, he's content to sit at home and read.

So this is how we've worked it out, almost eleven years into our marriage. I go, he stays. It works out wonderfully. I don't worry about the pets being home alone, we get to miss each other, and I come home better for having gotten a break from the routine. And, as I told my mom when she asked about it while I was preparing for this trip, it's really everyone's ideal situation. I get to go somewhere, take my girls someplace to have a new experience, and he gets to be completely alone, and devoid of human contact, for a whole week. Win-win!

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