Thursday, June 10, 2010

How does my garden grow?

No cockle shells, I'll admit, but I have to say, I think it's doing pretty well, all things considered. Of course, the things I'm considering are the fact that I'm gardening-impaired and my primary gardening assistant is three years old. But all in all, I'd say we're doing ok. I thought I'd show my faithful readers some garden highlights...

Here's my lovely assistant tending our vegetables and herbs:

These are my impatiens, which make me very happy indeed, as I grew them from three tiny little starter pots:

This is the impressive catnip, more than enough to satisfy the nip-head in residence:
Our tomato plant is pretty productive:

My basil is a thing of beauty, towering over its rosemary friend:

And the plant of whom I am the most proud, for its sheer resilience...

My geranium!

Yes, folks, that is the dear little geranium that got hacked to a nub by an overeager weed-eater. If it can come back, there's hope in all situations.


Sarah said...

num num num! Beautiful tower of Basil! Just looking at basil completely derails my productivity and makes me want to look at recipes all day ;)

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