Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday 13- the almost missed it edition

Wow! I have 8 minutes left in this day to do my promised daily blog! So, how about 13 things that made me happy today:

  1. My student who'd been on vacation came back full of delighted anecdotes about his trip.
  2. That same student had done his homework, and was almost as gleeful about presenting it as he was about telling me his vacation stories, because he really hadn't thought he could do it.
  3. My other student came to class very pleased with the book I'd assigned him over the break, and gave a very enthusiastic oral report.
  4. I got to see some friends today that I hadn't gotten to see in quite a while, and catch up a little.
  5. One of those friends gave me some real encouraging words about life in general, and teenagers in particular. AND an acquaintance wrote me a lovely encouraging email, offering me assistance with a task I've been dreading.
  6. I was able to share my Small One with some of those friends, who were just as charmed by her as I tend to be.
  7. Small was incredibly well behaved and polite throughout the day, even though I dragged her on errands. In addition to demonstrating her unflagging devotion to her big sister by bringing her everything in the store she thought might POSSIBLY apply to her prom outfit (and the 3 year old imagination comes up with some interesting choices), she also turned to me at one point in the mall and quoted song lyrics. How fun is that?!?
  8. She was so sweet to a baby who was fussing at the post office that another woman in line assumed she was the big sister. She kept saying "Oh, what's the matter, little baby?" in a really loving tone.
  9. Middle Child and I finished prom shopping, which means no more malls for me! Hooray!
  10. In a surprising moment, Middle Child informed me that I rock, and gave me a high five, so that was rewarding.
  11. My dad sent me a recipe for mojito cake yesterday, which made me happy today because I got to come home from teaching and eat it.
  12. My garden is thriving.
  13. I got a very loving birthday card in the mail- very heartwarming.
So there you go! Happy Thursday, and hooray for the impending weekend!


Anonymous said...

* encouraging words about teenagers? WOW ! Unbelievable!
* a high five from Middle Child? WOW a gazillion times!
* no more prom shopping ... YAAY!
etc. etc. etc.

What a GREAT day overall. It's about time!

Jennie said...

Hooray for almost missing it! Had you not, you might have opted for another topic, and I'm delighted to have gotten to read about your awesome day! Those are definitely things to be happy about!