Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday 13- Tax Day Edition

13 things that have made me happy on this lovely tax day:

1)Done with taxes! Hurray! No longer have taxes hanging over my head! And unlike some previous years, we will not be driving to the post office at 11:30pm. Yaay!

2)Not only THAT, but now the people in my world who have no spare time during tax season are officially free of the burden! Whee! Playdates abundant!

3) We're getting a million trillion dollars back from our tax refund. Ok, maybe not that much, but in our world, it feels like it. Wahoo!

4) Free coffee from Starbucks if you bring in your own mug. Seriously. I did not believe they would fill my giant jacuzzi sized mug but yes, they did! Hurray! (This jacuzzi full of coffee I just finished may explain all the exclamations of joy, but maybe that's just the way I am today!)

5) It is a gorgeous day. Spectacular. Blue skies, everything all green and fabulous, truly wonderful. (Note: this may not hold true everywhere, but in Atlanta, absolutely.)

6) Dogwood Festival this weekend. I know that's not technically related to today, but the anticipation is making me happy.

7) On a similar note, I've agreed to let Middle Child miss a morning assembly tomorrow to go cheer her boyfriend on in his robotics competition, which means Middle Child, Small One, and I will be watching a ROBOT PARADE first thing in the morning. This is terribly exciting, and of course you KNOW I've been singing the song all day. If you know the song, admit it, you're singing it too.

8) Lots of tax related discounts today. Places like PF Changs, Cinnabon and Chik Fil A are giving big discounts! I have no funds with which to participate, having been out twice this week, and having not yet received the aforementioned million trillion dollars, but I'm purely delighted for those of you who do! Yippee!

9) After I pick up my Small One from school and go to the bank, I don't have to be ANYWHERE ELSE but home for the rest of the day. Huzzah! Naps all round!

10) We finally finished watching 8 & 1/2, (the Fellini film) last night, which means I am now allowed by the Man to rent Nine, which is what I wanted to see in the first place! (Because, hello! Daniel Day Lewis!) Woot! And while I'm on the subject of 8 & 1/2, I can appreciate why it's considered great and all that, but truthfully, I thought it was a little tedious.Seriously, it took us a week to watch it. Anyone else have a thought on that one? I don't like it when movies begin to feel like assigned viewing. (But I digress! I now return you to your regularly scheduled joyful exclamations!)

11) Burgers and sweet potato fries for dinner tonight. Yeehaw!

12)Thursday Night= Flash Forward. If I haven't mentioned how I feel about Joseph Fiennes, allow me to take a moment of silence to meditate on him. You know what? Even if I've already told you, I'm taking a moment anyway.

13)Last but not least: my class this morning. After years of thinking I'd hate to teach kids, I have absolutely fallen in love with teaching for the homeschool group. I have two 10 year old boys in my literature class this session, and they never cease to make me smile. Today I had the fantastic opportunity to introduce them to one of my all time favorite children's books- Edward Eager's Half Magic. They loved it- so fun! Children laughing is one of my favorite sounds of all time.

Wonderful day, and it's only 2:30- yahoo! Hope all my lovely readers are having a similarly fabulous 15th.


Jennie said...

I am SO relieved you posted your Starbucks trip successes! I've been scared to walk in with my gigunda cup all day, but you've given me the courage to stop by en route to pick up the kidlings this afternoon! Cheers!!!! (and LOTS of exclamation marks!)

Kat said...

I have never seen such enthusiasm from you :-)

Let me tell you - I just love Flashforward. Have you read the book? I still need to watch last night's episode though.

amy said...

Jennie- So glad I could be of assistance! And I appreciate your exclamation points. =)

Kat- Ahh, sure you have! I'm nothing if not ridiculously optimistic. ;o) Have not read Flash Forward, though I read *about* it on your blog. I'll get round to it one of these days!x