Saturday, April 3, 2010

Add it to the list...

I had fifty godzillion errands to run today. Yes, that's fifty times the size of Godzilla worth of errands. In other words, a LOT. I knew I had to gear up for it, because as it turns out, it literally took from 9am til 7:30 pm. But I think I'm all set for tomorrow!

Last night, as I was falling into bed, quite late, I said to the Man, "Given the number of errands I have to run in the morning, I am not getting out of bed until 8:30. If anything happens before 8:30, it's on you." He agreed, and we went to sleep.

This morning, true to his word, the Man got up with Small One and let me sleep. When I got up, I rolled out of bed and into my clothes and, heading into the bathroom to brush my teeth, noticed we were out of toothpaste. I pulled my travel tube out of my makeup bag and finished getting ready.

As I stood in the kitchen pouring my coffee before I walked out the door, I said to the Man, "I have an extremely long list of things to buy today, but if you think of anything else, text me. I noticed, for instance, that we're out of toothpaste."

Small One, happily eating cereal and yogurt at the dining table, piped up with a smile, "Hey, Mommy! Remember when I was going poop in the potty and the toothpaste fell in?"

"Oh yeah," the Man said, "I meant to tell you, we need toothpaste."

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