Friday, March 12, 2010

Things observed on the way to Florida

  1. An accident. Not just any accident, but a spectacular accident. I didn't see any injured people or ambulances, but I did see: a jack-knifed 18 wheeler on the side of the road, a car with the driver's door pulled off, a car with the hood bashed in, a police car with a flat tire (cop was changing it in the center lane), and two other 18 wheelers sitting in the middle of the road, apparently unscathed. Any theories on this? I'll definitely come up with a prize for the best story someone can come up with to explain all of that- my only theory is the possible involvement of zombies.
  2. Ashburn Georgia. We stopped there for a break, and it is only remarkable because they have a giant sign announcing that they are "Home of the Fire Ant Festival!" I am not even kidding, there's actually a big ant on the sign. I think he may even be winking and giving a thumbs up. What on God's green earth would possess ANYONE to have a fire ant festival? Don't the people in Ashburn know that fire ants are Satan's minions? I am NOT going to that festival.
  3. A sign for the "premiere gentleman's club of Valdosta", on which the slogan is "sexy, fancy, fluffy". Fluffy? This is what I'm picturing:

Well, what would life be if every day didn't bring new adventure? And of course, I can't end the blog without mentioning my Small One. Today, I got her to sign the rather belated birthday card for my sweet and pretty little sister in law. Small adores her, and of course wanted to draw a picture for her as well. Here's the conversation that followed:

Me: Small, what are you drawing for Auntie?

Small: I'm drawing a picture of her.

Me: Oh, that's a great idea! What are you drawing now?

Small: I'm giving her a REALLY COOL beard, because it's her birthday! And also, a cupcake.

Ok, then. As long as it's a really cool one, I'm sure it will be appreciated.

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