Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Most peculiar, Mama

So this month's theme, according to NaBloPoMo, is "strange(r)". In other words, if I were planning to blog every day of the month (clearly I'm not, as I've already blown it), and I were struggling for a topic, I could write on strange things or strangers. ("There you go,"says NaBloPoMo, "talk amongst yourselves.")

I thought about strange things and strangers last night. I thought about my little brother, as a preschooler, when my mother told him not to talk to strangers, going down the entire line at the bank, yelling "Is THIS guy a stranger, Mom?"

I thought about my Oldest, when he was about the age of my Small One, being offended that I didn't introduce him to someone in the store, and scoffing at the idea that I didn't know the man. "Yes, you do, Mom! You know EVERYONE!" I guess, in his limited experience, I did.

But then, tonight, I came across something I would consider truly strange. It's a Snoopy Pendant, from the Danbury Mint. For only $117, you too can own a 1 inch pendant of Snoopy, all bright and sparkly with Swarovski crystals! The Man tells me he can think of no better use for $117. (I think he's being sarcastic.)

The best part of the ad, in my humble opinion, is that it touts Snoopy as "America's favorite cartoon beagle". Really? Not America's favorite beagle, certainly, or even America's favorite cartoon dog, but America's favorite cartoon beagle. This begs the question, exactly how hard do you have to work to be America's favorite cartoon beagle? How many of them are there, out there vying for the title of "favorite"?

I'm going to start calling myself "America's favorite mom who lives in this house". Yeah, me!


Jennie said...

No kidding!? You're my favorite mom who lives in your house too! <3

amy said...

Aww, you're MY favorite mom who lives in YOUR house!