Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Is it me?

Do I just bring out the strange in people? Sometimes I really wonder.

I have a giant purse. I mean a huge, cavernous purse. Tonight at the grocery store, I pulled out my driver's license to prove I was old enough to buy wine (not that the girl couldn't have just looked at my 400 year old FACE to figure that out) and dropped the license down into the depths of the purse. That meant that when, 2 minutes later, I needed to write a check, I had to spend quite a lot of time digging.

And come to think of it, when I was showing the id for the wine, I made a comment that may explain the rest of the story... I was at one of those self check registers, where the cashier has to come to you to ok you to buy alcohol, etc, and I said to her "Hey, also, I have coupons, and I'm writing a check, so you may want to just hang out here and be my new best friend for awhile."

I think she may have taken me literally.

I was digging in my purse, head down, really focused on finding the license, when I became aware of the cashier's face, which was about 4 inches from the side of my head. I turned so that we were (almost literally) eyeball to eyeball, and she said, in rather a louder voice than necessary at such a close proximity,

"What's that movie called? Blindsided? The Blindsided?"

I was startled, to say the least. I took a small step backward and said "Um... The Blind Side?"

She clapped me on the shoulder and stepped back into "breathing each other's breath" range. "YEAH! Had the Sandra Bullock in it! You seen it?"

I told her I hadn't, but my mom had, and said it was good. She told me that many people had told her it was good, so she might want to check it out. I smiled and nodded, and went back to digging for my id. She came back into my personal space to ask,

"What was that other movie she was in, with the bus?"

Um...Speed. It took me a couple more minutes to find the id, during which time she asked me several more Sandra Bullock related questions, because I guess she'd decided I was the resident Sandra Bullock expert?

I found the whole thing a little confusing. But hey, at least I made a new friend, right?

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