Monday, November 28, 2011

Flashback: Anthropomorphism Revisited

In trying to delete some drafts that just never made it into viable posts, I came across this one, from September of 2009. I have no idea why it didn't make the cut, it made me laugh just remembering it. So... without further ado, a blast from the not too distant past:

The other day, my Small One was eating apple slices and talking to herself... I wasn't really listening, I was cleaning the kitchen, busying about. When I did tune in, though, I noticed that she wasn't really talking to herself, she was having a conversation with the largest apple slice, that went something like this:

Apple Slice: Hey! Did you just eat my baby?

Small: Yeah, I did, I ate your baby.

Apple Slice: Oh no! You ate my baby! That wasn't very nice.

Small: Oh yeah? Well, guess what? Now I'm gonna put you in my mouth!

So weird, my Small One.

But tonight, she was dawdling over her beef stew, and I hit upon an idea. Voicing the beef, I squealed, "Oh, please don't eat me!!!!!!!!"

Immediately, she picked up her fork. "Oh, I will eat you!" she said, "And then I will eat all your friends!"

She polished off the beef stew. Am I encouraging something bad here, do you think? I can't say that I care much, as long as she finishes her dinner.

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Jennie said...

I think this is a great idea!! I'm trying it tonight, with my less-than-enthusiastic dinner eater. :) Thank you, Small One.