Saturday, August 1, 2009


I don't have to blog today, because it's August, and I committed to blog every day in July, but haven't decided about August.

And technically, it's still August 1st where I am, though not August 1st at my home.

August is a big month for us. Eldest departs our home and starts college, Middle Child returns to the school she left last December, and The Man has a birthday. These are the reasons I may not blog every day. I might, though, the jury's still out... it's a pleasant pressure, the pressure to make it happen every day for a month. It pressures me to use my brain in a way unrelated to the running of my household, which consumes my every other minute.

I started August by attending my dad's wedding. It was weird, but a fun party. And I have to say, when two or more of the sibs in my family get together, it's a party, no matter what.

Tomorrow, we dive further into the month of August with an insane roadtrip, visiting three states in one day. Wish us luck!

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