Thursday, August 20, 2009

On a lighter note- the Thursday 13

Thirteen Useful Items that Can be Purchased at the Dollar Store:
(Because people seemed mystified that one could purchase dishwasher detergent there)
  1. Canned Goods- seriously, a canned good is a canned good! Granted, this is one of those Dollar Store gray areas, where you need to make sure you aren't buying for $1 what the grocery store sells for 63 cents, but still...
  2. Condiments- again, what's the difference? Ketchup is ketchup.
  3. Garbage Bags- I got a box of 15 last time I was there.
  4. Light Bulbs
  5. Batteries- I've gotten Panasonic, in everything from triple A to D.
  6. Sunglasses- ok, so it's not the brand the movie stars wear, but hey! Dollar Store sunglasses will do in a pinch. Especially if you're like me and utterly incapable of not sitting on expensive sunglasses. The pricier they are, the faster I demolish them.
  7. Coloring Books- because seriously, coloring books have gotten ridiculous at regular stores.
  8. Dishwashing detergent- yes, it's true, I promise. You can also get laundry detergent, but I'm nervous about that.
  9. Toys- SOMETIMES you can even get GOOD toys! At the very least, party favors.
  10. Pet Food- I fed my cats Dollar Store cat food for two weeks, with no ill effects.
  11. Paper Products- paper towels, napkins, paper plates and cups, etc, etc... also wrapping paper.
  12. Household supplies- No, not just dish detergent! Window cleaner, all purpose cleaner, brushes, scrubby things, auto accessories. A veritable plethora of supplies!
  13. PREGNANCY TESTS. This, to me, is the biggest Christmas miracle of all. Why pay $15 for one test at the drug store? Seriously, if you, like me, are constantly paranoid that you're knocked up, you can STOCK UP for $15!!! You can buy 15 tests! That's, like, 5 months worth. (Assuming you test, decide that test must be wrong, test again, then wait a day and test again in case BOTH tests were wrong. Come on, you know you've done it.)


Anonymous said...

Hey, Amy, LAST Thursday was the 13th (hehe).
You KNOW I'm a HUGE fan of dollar stores (by any name). I'll match my buying list there against yours any day!

amy said...

Silly! I often do a Thursday 13, regardless of the date. Last Thursday my heart wasn't up to it.

Jennie said...

I <3 you and your lists (and especially your lists about $ stores).