Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Domestic Heroism

We're a little short on cash these days. (That, by the way, is my polite, Southern way of saying "Holy Moley, we're going down in flames!") Down here, we refer to that as "a little short on cash", in much the same way as we refer to an expensive new article of clothing as "this old thing?" when complimented. Don't ask me why, I couldn't tell you, it's just the way it is.

Anyhoo, grocery shopping has become an adventure. I play little games with myself, like "How many meals can I make for five people using $20?" and "How many necessities can actually be purchased at the Dollar Store?". The answers to those questions? A. It depends on if you want them to actually eat the so-called food, and B. So far, I've been delighted to learn that Dollar Store cat food is not too bad, and neither is the dishwasher detergent. Still a little wary of the wine, though.

I occasionally toy with the idea of posting frugality tips here on the blog, since I feel quite certain, given the current economic climate, that we're not the only ones dealing with this, and I might be able to help someone else. As an example, something I find wonderful is that some of the larger grocery stores will mark down milk to practically free when it's going to expire in a couple of days. A couple of days? Amateurs! My children will go through that gallon in eighteen hours! Ha ha! I laugh at your expiration date, fools!

Today, I hit the grocery store for a few basic necessities, and felt pretty good about my thrift. Even managed to find some treat-y stuff for practically free. I was proud of myself, started feeling superhero-ish. The theme from "Chariots of Fire" seemed to be playing as I made my way out of the store, and I felt like slo-mo running, with one arm in the air, since my other one needed to push the cart. Yeah!

Then I realized that "Chariots of Fire" WAS playing. On the muzak. I'm such a nerd.


Chaotic Joy said...

This post was hysterical. Wary of dollar store wine....bwahahaha!

Kat said...

This is not my area. Michael does all the shopping because my only impetus to go is hunger. And he's cheap. It works out quite well. But...I did find this blog the other day...and sent him the link. Maybe it will be helpful to you, too:


Maureen said...

OK -- which dollar store has dishwasher detergent?

amy said...

Northlake has dishwasher detergent. Not Cascade, though- Mr. Sparkle or something. ;o)