Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday 13, Cousin Pictorial Edition

I'm on a road trip, which means my blog time is limited, which means I'll be posting more photos than words for the next couple of days. Tonight, I'm in Nashville, visiting my sister, and also my cousin, because they live on the same street. My cousin has two little ones, one a year younger than my Small One, and one only eight weeks. My sister has a rather large collection of fur babies.
Therefore, tonight's entry will be 13 shots of my Small and her cousins, human, feline and canine, to either delight or annoy you, depending on your point of view/temperment. I'll try to provide commentary in case you get bored.

  1. Maracas on the road:

  2. Watching the rain with Ringo:

  3. (love during the rain watching)

  4. Resting time with Scout (because, as anyone with a kitten knows, resting time is in the middle of the day- crazy time is between midnight and 5am):

  5. Who is coming upstairs?

  6. Loving up on Shelby
  7. Small One and Cousin Boy dividing up the money for the ice cream man

  8. Hooray for popsicles in summer time!

  9. Evening drive in the Escalade

  10. Driving a car, and eating a popsicle before dinner! Woo hoo! Must be vacation!

  11. Cousin Fun
  12. Big hugs

  13. Enough love for everyone

1 comment:

Sarah Nadine said...

So cute! I love the one of them spying at the top of the stairs!! hehe