Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Only Joking

Last night I was a little harried, trying to get some things done, when Small One decided she needed to go to the bathroom. I let her go ahead by herself, asking her to call me in when she was finished and needed help. A few minutes later, she yelled, "I'm FINISHED!"

I ran in to help, and she said, "Ha ha, I was only joking, Mommy!"

I said, "Not such a funny joke, dear!"

She said, "Well, then, you tell ME a funny joke!"

Now, I don't tell jokes. I don't really have a joke repertoire, I'm more of an anecdote girl, really, and I wasn't sure Small would appreciate one of my amusing stories. I decided to go with a knock knock joke.

"Knock knock!"

"Who's there?"


At this, Small One cracked up. "NO!" she laughed, "You're Mommy!!!"

"No," I said, "You're supposed to say "Olive who?"

"Olive who?"

"Olive you!"

Blank stare from Small. I tried to explain. "Olive you? Ahh-luve you? I love you! Get it?"

She forced a giggle. "Knock knock!"

"Who's there?"


I did not know what that word was supposed to be, so I looked at her questioningly. "Kwado?"

She was exasperated. "No, Mommy, you say 'Kwado who?'!"

"Oh, ok... Kwado who?"

"Kwado I love you!!!!!" (laughs uproariously)

Yeah, I don't think she got my joke OR the concept of knock knock jokes. When I related the story to Oldest, he said "Knock knock joke FAIL."

Sometimes it's fun to have a preschooler and teens.

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