Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Birthday Wishing

Small One turns three this September. While I realize this is a long way off, I also like to plan ahead for this particular event, because kids parties can get expensive and I like to bargain hunt for party supplies. (Also, it's fun!)

So, as I was considering it, I asked her opinion, and I have to say, I was a little surprised by the response. First of all, I really thought she'd want a princess party, or, more accurately, a Cinderella party, as she is pretty much obsessed with Cinderella. I mean, when we buy her the Disney Princess graham crackers, she only wants to eat the Cinderellas and glass slippers, she wants to go to sleep listening to "princess music" every night, and I routinely have to pretend to be her fairy godmother and then switch gears and be the prince, at which point she dances with me and sings "So This is Love". And then after our trip to Disney, during which THIS happened...

...well, I figured Cinderella was pretty much a shoo-in as a party theme. But surprisingly, no! She wants Sesame Street. Not just Sesame Street, either, it's actually going to be Elmo all the way, from plates, to stickers, to cupcakes that look like little Elmo heads. Alrighty, then!

But the BEST part of her plan is this: she only wants grown-ups. No friends, and she was actually going to go with "no little children" of any kind, but I got her to make the concession that her cousins can come, as long as they are accompanied by their parents. But that is all she'd budge on, in regards to children at her party.

I was mystified by this, until she explained, "The grown ups will KISS me, and HUG me, and sing 'Happy Birthday' to me, and tell me my DRESS looks pretty..."

Ahhhhh...I see! It IS going to be a princess party after all, I was just dead wrong on the featured princess.

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