Monday, July 27, 2009

Artistic Inspiration

To the ill-informed, I imagine I seem like I sleep quite a bit. I'm forever attempting to take a nap when my Small One does. In reality, though, a)I rarely ever make it as far as the nap, I generally get distracted by some task that needs my attention and b)when I DO get to nap, it's only to make up for being up until three or four in the morning, due to the antics of the dastardly teenaged people who live in my house.

Today, I took a nap, and it was lovely. I dreamed all manner of weird things I can't quite recall.

I've often read of artistic people who have strokes of genius in their sleep, waking with songs or poems or novels in their brains. Paul McCartney reportedly dreamed the tune for "Yesterday", jumped out of bed and pounded it out on the piano. (I've heard he initially used the words "Scrambled eggs, ooh baby how I love your legs", but you can't fault him for that, he was half asleep.)

I used to keep a notepad by my bed in case inspiration struck in the middle of the night. I imagined myself sitting up and pouring genius onto those pages, and in the morning, beginning to write the novel that would make me wealthy beyond my imaginings! Sadly, most of what I wrote down went something like "The people walk snrgle mmm my nrfeksh...aaaaa...hurminur", which may mean I'm dreaming in tongues, or being influenced by aliens, but clearly has no practical application.

Today, though, I woke up with a poem in my head, that I'd apparently come up with mid-dream! Maybe I AM a genius after all! Here it goes:

The raisins, the raisins...

They chew me up,

and swallow me down.

All is darkness.

Hmm... maybe not.

(on a side note, spell check is pretty sure "snrgle mmm" is misspelled, but is fine with both "nrfeksh" and "hurminur")

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