Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Small at Play

I was at my computer today, attempting to get some work done, and my Small One was playing with her little people behind me. She just got a new minivan for the little people, and it's all very exciting. I suddenly tuned into what she was saying in time to hear the following conversation:

(and yes, my 2 year old does use different voices for the different characters in her games)

Voice 1: You need a get out a there!

Voice 2: No, I not need a get out a here, I just a little baby!

Voice 1: No, you not a little baby, you a CAMEL. You get out a there!

Voice 2: Noooo, I not a camel, I a little baby!

You realize, I had to turn around and check this out. What was happening is that a camel from the Noah's Ark set had somehow gotten into the back seat of the minivan, and the dad of the family was trying to make the VERY reasonable point that it was sitting in the baby's seat. They argued back and forth about this a few more times, and finally, the camel was defeated.

"You're right," he said sadly, "I a camel."

To the little dad's credit he said "Oh, it's ok."

So, that was kind of him, I think.

Another random act of kindness has been happening today... I have a Nativity set that is a prized possession of mine, not because it's valuable, or even particularly decorative, but because it was handed down to me from my mother. It's the Nativity set I remember from my childhood, and that "baby Jesus" will always be the official baby Jesus replica to me.

This year, because my Small One has gotten over her phase of putting everything in her mouth, I risked putting the Nativity on the coffee table where she could have access. She's utterly delighted by this and has spent hours today recreating the Bethlehem scene, sometimes adding her own touches, like bringing a giant pink pig for a visit. But the most remarkable thing to me is this: she can't STAND that the baby is in a manger. Because let's face it, a manger is not a comfortable place.

She went through her toys and found a little crib. "Baby Jesus need a sleep in his OWN bed!" she announced. The giant pig agreed wholeheartedly. The engineer from the train set held the baby Jesus and gave him kisses. All in all, a lovely scene.

I'm hoping not to be such a slacker in 2009, and I'm also hoping to get a few blogs in over the holiday weekend, but in case I don't say it, I hope you all have a blessed and happy holiday season, and a peaceful Christmas.


Kat said...

My girls always took the pieces from our nativity scene. I'd find sheep on the roof. Sheep visiting the ornaments on the tree. Joseph hanging with the wisemen. But we always hid baby Jesus - because he doesn't arrive till Christmas.

This year, because we have demon kitties. We didn't want to risk baby Jesus being eaten.

amy said...

Ahh, we've never had the hiding Jesus tradition! Interesting...

This Christmas with her has been SO much fun, and I keep thinking next year will be even better, because she'll be even more aware. =)

Chaotic Joy said...

Ah, Amy, why is it that with blogging also comes guilt about not blogging.

I loved reading about Lily's sweet playtimes. What an imagination she has. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.

Chaotic Joy said...

Hey girl. Send me your email address that you want me to use for my blog so I can add you to the list. joystallworth AT gmail.com.