Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat Conversation

So, my Small One is two years old, which means this is the first Halloween she understands in any way, shape, or form, despite this being her third Halloween, technically. Last year, she was Tinkerbell, to her father's Peter Pan:
Her sister, my Middle Child, was Poison Ivy- a fairly menacing villain-ess for a rather small and frightened looking canine Batman:We went to a Halloween party in the park, with the homeschool group, and then the big kids were released to do their own thing. This year, though, has been more of a production. We did the previously mentioned fall festival and pumpkin patch, went to the same Halloween party as last year, (only this year, Small One won "runner up" in the costume contest!), and tonight, Small's sister has agreed to take her trick or treating.

That being the case, I decided I should clue her into the finer points of trick or treating, which led me to the following conversation:

Me: Tonight you're going trick or treating!

Small: Yeah!

Me:'ll go up to people's doors, knock on the door, and when they open it, you'll say "trick or treat!". Ok?

Small: Yeah!

Me: So, you'll knock on the door...(Small One nods her head enthusiastically)... and they'll open the door, and what will you say?

Small: Open the door!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: No. You'll say "trick or treat!"

Small: Trick or treat!!!!!!!

Me: Yeah! And then people will give you candy!

Small: I like candy.

She has this new thing. When she likes something, she tells people that she likes it, in a very serious, somewhat quiet voice, while leaning forward. It's very reminiscent of Senate hearings, actually. Ma'am, could you speak up, please?

(taps mike) "I like candy."

We practiced a few more times. Sometimes she tells me that when people open the door she'll say "Trick or treat!", but sometimes she says she's going to tell them her name, or that she's a girl. So, we'll see how it goes tonight, I guess.

Keep your fingers crossed! And by the way, Happy Halloween!

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