Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Moments that make it all OK

Well, I wish I could say that my funk has lifted, the clouds have parted, angels are smiling down on me as they sing, and my creative juices are once again flowing, but alas, such is not the case. I'm hopeful, which is a step up from where I have been, but I haven't quite gotten my groove back.

(I'm sorry sir, you've thrown off the emperor's groove.)

Anyhoo, I did want to share a few moments of my life that have made me smile of late... all related to my Small One.

First of all, her Daddy has been getting her to go to bed, of late, by playing a baby bird game. "Ooooh, my little baby bird," he croons, as he spirits her off the the crib, "it's time to lie in your soft little next and go night-night." She eats this up. She chirps softly and flaps her tiny baby bird wings, and coos at him. (Until he walks away from the crib, and then she's not as charmingly sweet, but I digress.)

So yesterday, she decided to play Baby Bird all afternoon. This was very cute, as she flapped and flew and chirped all over the house, but the down side was, I was only allowed to REFER to her as "Baby Bird". I would say "Are you hungry?" and she would say "NO, Mommy, Baby BIRD hungry!" and I would have to say "Oh, little Baby Bird, are you hungry?" and then she'd nod and chirp and say "Baby Bird HUNGRY!" and then eat. A similar conversation ensued when I asked about going potty, being finished, playing puzzles... everything. Baby birds, not surprisingly, like to do many of the same things two year old humans enjoy.

Last night I took her with me when I went to pick MC up from a school event. Small One never even got out of the car, but halfway home she said "Thank you, Mommy!" and when I asked her why she was thanking me she said "Go bye bye, ride car." Awww, she's thanking me for dragging her along while I cater to her older siblings- the very thing about which I carry crushing mommy guilt. Isn't that something? I was very touched.

Today was more hectic, and less touching. I had a REALLY hard time getting her out of the house today, I kept trying to get her to come with me, I had my hands very full of things I had to take along, and she just kept staring at me with a blank look. After I'd deposited all the things I was carrying into the car, and come back with the intent of picking her up and toting her if necessary, I gave logic one more try. "Your playgroup," I said, "has already started. If you do not come right now, you will NOT get to see ANY of your friends." She smiled at me, a sort of "why didn't you say so" smile, and said "O-tay".

By the time we got home, after we'd been to two completely opposing sides of this vast town, she was overtired. She was shrieking at the slightest provocation, and arguing with the dog about whether or not she was allowed to ride him.

THIS dog:

His vote was "NO." and I sided with him on that.

I finally got her wrestled ALMOST to sleep, and as she was dozing off, her eyes POPPED open, and she sang a full verse of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", then cheered for herself, and zonked immediately out. I mean, from clapping to snoring in less than 5 seconds!

She is the most fun I could legally have, I think.

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Kathleen said...

Love the part about her waking up to sing "twinkle, twinkle little star" and then zonking out!

Good to hear things are getting better!