Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Fish, Some Pumpkins, A Goat and a Veteran

My mission this weekend: family fun time! Whee! It's been a challenging month, to say the least, but the holiday season is upon us, and I was determined to spend some quality time ushering it in with my children.

Friday night was the fall festival at our church. Having fallen in love with a particular costume last year, I've had an ebay search going for it ever since, and finally scored it, JUST in the nick of time, as it arrived an hour before we had to leave. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...

My Fishy! Ta dah!Off we went, my fishy, my kitty-cat, the Man and I. Lots of fun...

And the only crazy was the good kind of crazy:

Moving on to today... I really wanted to visit a pumpkin patch. Not one of those "bunch of pumpkins on the lawn of a church" cheaty pumpkin patches, but a real honest to goodness place where pumpkins GREW, where I could show my Small One some pumpkins on the vine, let her breathe fresh country air, and maybe pet a goat. We traveled to Yule Forest, south of town, and found all that and more.

All three kids had a great time...

Small One got to see animals she'd never seen in real life,

Middle Child got to take a zillion photographs,

(many of herself, which was even more important than usual to her today because she got a new "do" this weekend), we got to go on a completely surreal hayride, with no hay, but many many wooden cutouts painted as Disney characters, wild animals, and even the Sidney Opera House. How bizarre is that?

There were even reptiles.

The best part was when this goat:

decided he loved my Oldest.

He tried to climb the fence!

I was afraid he might want to come home with us. Apparently, Oldest is a really good ear scratcher!

Anyway, a good time was had by all, and it was not until after we left that I realized, we did NOT show Small One a pumpkin on the vine. Oopsie.

On the way home, we had a different kind of adventure, because what day in the country would be complete without some local color? We stopped for boiled peanuts, which seemed a simple enough errand. The man selling the peanuts was probably in his 70s or 80s, and only had one tooth. I'm really not even making that up, he had ONE tooth. It was on the bottom, on the right, and it didn't seem to be in such good shape.

How do I recall so clearly his one tooth? Well, that would be because he stood right at my window and talked to us. For twenty minutes. He told us about his time in Korea, his service in World War Two. He was a chaplain, and also a pilot? He showed us his scar from the bullet he took in his leg. He talked about September 11th. He showed us commemorative medals. Then he moved on and talked about his faith. He told us that his daughter had been healed of cancer, that his other daughter had a melanoma and they were praying for it to be healed... oddly enough, after he told us a story, he'd say "Is that ok with you?"

Example: "I took this bullet in my leg, and they almost killed me 2 other times, but I survived. Is that ok with you?" or "My daughter's completely cancer-free. Is that ok with you?"

It was strange. It was long. His tooth was disconcerting. But the Man and I both felt that it was understood- you just don't interrupt a veteran of two wars while he's telling you his life story, even if your toddler is in the back seat yelling "Come on! Go bye bye car!" But as we finally collected our peanuts and drove away, the Man voiced what I think we'd both been wondering...

"If you only have one tooth, how much good could that one tooth possibly be doing you?"


Kat said...

Hilarious! And I am most impressed with your restrait to listened to the one toothed wonder. I would have been like Miss Fishy.

Love MC's looks awesome at that length!

Sara Lou said...

I Love The Man.