Sunday, September 21, 2008

Birthdaypalooza Continues

So, because her Daddy is a photographer, my Small One is quite possibly the most photographed little girl in creation. Last year around this time, we dressed her in her party dress and took her out to a local garden for her official 1 year photo shoot... this year we dressed her in the same dress, and took her out to the same garden for the official 2 year old portraits. Amazing how much difference a year makes in a little person.

Last year:
This year:

Last year:

This year:


Kathleen said...

She's getting so big! Can't believe the difference from last year.

Kat said...

How is it that the same dress still fits? Or is it the same dress, different size? Unfortunately, I am finding that the same dress doesn't fit me on my next birthdays...

amy said...

kathleen- i know- shut up. LOL

kat- same exact dress. my baby's a peanut, are you unaware of that fact? we took up the skirt last year so she could crawl, and all i did this year was let the hem back out! last august she weighed 18 lbs, now she weighs 22, but she's grown 5 inches taller.