Thursday, August 21, 2008

My first Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things that made me giggle today:
  1. This video
  2. Kim's blog
  3. The Asian dude I saw outside Starbucks with a shirt that said "Made in Ireland"
  4. Some of the clothes at homeschool registration day. Ummm... 1983 called, and they would like their clothes back.
  5. My Small One hiding in a cubby
  6. When I pointed to the sky and said "Look, Baby, we have to go because the sky is dark and it's going to rain", and the same Small One said "NO bye bye, Mommy! Sky BLUE!"
  7. The SAME Small Creature trying to tell me she couldn't take a bath because the sky was blue
  8. Keelin telling us she microwaved her pizza for 12 minutes on a metal plate, as Kim and I laughed until we cried over the dark scenario that might have occurred... (Kim's kitchen a black ruin in her flaming house, the firefighters kindly dropping her off at the mental hospital on their way back to the fire station)
  9. Two rather muscly black men with longish hair, doing some sort of modern/jazz routine in the coffee aisle at Kroger- (clearly they did NOT need to purchase any further stimulant!)
  10. Me, jumping up and down trying to reach the last Godiva chocolate coffee on clearance at Kroger, waaaaaayyyy on the back of the top shelf
  11. Small One, coated in lollipop from the bank, chasing the cat through the bushes until she looked more like a dirt and debris laden topiary than a toddler, all the while yelling, "Come back, kitty! Helllllooooooo!" with great exasperation
  12. Middle Child telling me, with great shock, that ALL the other kids in the writing club are "emo". "Can you BELIEVE that, mom?" Uh... yeah, I really can.
  13. Kim lamenting the fact that she might not get the chickens she was hoping to raise, and Michael asking "Honey, did you count your chickens before they hatched?"

Can anyone tell I spent the evening with the lovely Pray family? What a fun bunch!

And may I just mention that today was a rather stressful day, so the fact that I still found at least 13 things to laugh about makes me realize how blessed I truly am? And there were more, but I'll leave it at that.


Kim said...

The problem in our house is that usually the funny things are only funy if you don't live here. Glad we coudl provide comic relief without a trip to the mental hospital or the fire station. "Only 12:12."

Kim said...

Too early and I forgot to spell check- sorry!!

Kat said...

What a day. And who was dressed in 1983 clothes? I missed that. It's usually homeschool hair that gives me pause...