Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Lady Mondegreen

Thinking about misheard lyrics tonight, for some reason. Earlier, the Oldest Child and I were rocking out while singing together that Tears for Fears song "Showing the Zebra Love". We particularly like where it goes really high and says "Showin' the ZEEEEBRA lo-ove, we're show-in' the Zeeb". Oldest thinks they are on pretty familiar terms with the zebra, if they're allowed to call him "the Zeeb". Yo, wazzup, Zeeb!

Additionally, my sister is getting some kittens. (Yes, I did say some kittens, because she's getting two, which makes me shudder, but she doesn't have any kids living with her, so she has a different view point.) BUT I digress. Anyway, one of the kittens is currently named Albi, and she's changing it, because it reminds her of Albee, a playwright she does not like. Fair enough. It reminds me, though, of my Middle Child, at 4, singing along with Edwin McCain:

"ALLLLBEEE, the greatest man in your life!"

I said "What's that song about, Honey?" and she said, "You know, Mom, it's about Albee, the greatest man in her life."

Ah, yes, of course.

But for me, the best one she ever sang, in her own inimitable way. was the one by Sugar Ray... you can sing it with me if you know it...

"Every morning there's a hello hanging from the corner of my fonce enforcer's bed
I know it's not mine but I'll see if I can use it for a weekend or a one like that
Try and understand- wonh wonh wonh(because when you're 4, instrumental parts are part of the lyrics) how to work it out
Once again, it's redicted, left my broken all open and you ripped it out."

I had to ask. "So how about that one, Sweetie, what's that one about?"

"It's about a guy who leaves his comic books out and his little sister tears them up."

Hmmm. Well, I guess our interpretation of lyrics comes from personal experience, right?


She was SO cute.


perfect just like mommy said...

OMG, she was 4??? How old am I again?

amy said...

Yep,actually I looked it up, and that song came out in the spring of 99, so she would've been 4 & 1/2, turning 5 in June.

So to answer your question... um, not as old as I am. :-O

perfect just like mommy said...

But not as old as we feel, eh? Right? That's the way it works, right?